Agniveer – Air Force Mock Test – Model Paper – English 1

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Air Force Agniveer Model Paper – English – Mock Test 1
Here are the details Aird Force Agniveer Model Paper and Mock Test. As per the official notice, Agniveer practices set paper questions will be based on these. The below table details are only for the Agneepath Agniveer Science candidate. Topics Proposed for English Model Paper Pattern A short passage followed by four questions to test comprehension. The questions will be set To judge understanding of the passage. To draw inference To judge understanding of vocabulary A. Grammar (1) 1. Subject-Verb concord 2. Forms of verbs and errors in the use of verbs, etc. 3. The sequence of tenses and errors in the use of tenses. 4. Transformation of sentences Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative, Affirmative, Comparative degree, Positive degree, Superlative degree, etc. B. Grammar (2) 1. Formation of Words- Nouns from Verbs and Adjectives, Adjectives from Nouns and Verbs, Adverbs from Adjectives, etc. 2. Determiners 3. The Preposition 4. Nouns and Pronouns The Adjectives 5. The Adverb 6. The modals 7. The Conjunction 8. Clauses- Noun clauses, time, and Relative Clauses. Adverb clauses of condition 9. Vocabulary a. Synonyms and Synonyms in b. Antonyms and Antonyms in c. One word substitution d. Spelling pitfalls e. context f. Simple Idioms/ Phrases g. Words often confused/ Selecting the correct word fitting in a sentence h. Narration (Direct and Indirect) i. Commands and requests j. Statements (Various tenses)

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