Now you have the option of working a life time or not

Hi Guys ..!!! For those who lost their jobs, this is good news. In the midst of job cuts, retired aspirants from the Indian Navy launched a leaning platform for you; Courses can be uploaded by any qualified and experienced trainer at a fair cost, and students can also enjoy them. Depending on your expertise, the topic may be your favorite choice. After many years of working under some big organization, no one likes to work, so you can take advantage of our service of free-Lansing.

What kind of curses do we believe in?

You, the instructor, are the creator, owner, and manager of each course. Lectures, which may include text, videos, or slides, serve as the course’s foundation. As a way to make students’ learning more enjoyable, teachers can also add resources and a variety of practice activities.

How do I publish my course?

You join as an instructor and upload your courses directly – your video files or share with us to upload, to the site, because we primarily function as a video-based, on-demand platform. To put it another way, students need to be able to watch lectures from your class on the platform.  

How will a trainer make money?

Instructors will need to set up a payment method for their account in order to create paid courses. Based on the number of students, the majority of payments from those students—up to 80%—will be credited.

Does my course have to meet any requirements?

Yes. At least five lectures or learning modules and at least 30 minutes of video content are required for each course.

How the students benefit from it?

What are the top Benefits of courses?

If you’re on a budget, should be your first choice. Since this platform is an affordable platform for online education. The main advantages are as follows:

Cost-effective: courses can be purchased at very affordable prices. You can purchase some courses at a significant discount, even though they cost $200. On, discounts of some kind are frequently offered. A course can be purchased for just Rs. 400.

System for reviews and ratings: is committed to ensure a review and rating system that lets students leave reviews and give feedback. They are also able to rate the classes they have taken. Before making a financial commitment, you can examine feedback comments and course ratings.

Hundreds of courses on a single subject can be launched – can launch hundreds of courses on a single subject, making it will be easy to find a course that fits your needs best. For instance, if you want to teach Python, you can start with a number of courses.

10-day Money Back Guarantee for students: gives you a chance to get your money back for 10 days. You can get your money back if you don’t like the course you bought.

Access for Life: All of ‘s courses are accessible for life. It’s the same as buying a book. A course is yours forever after you purchase it.

Certificate of Training: tough it is not an accredited course; a student can get a certificate for what he learns from us.

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